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Change is inherent in nature. Something organic is capable of change, adaptation, and growth. These characteristics apply to our products as well, which is why Haworth’s showrooms are called organic workspaces.™

One Haworth Center showcases how our organic workspaces evolve for the people involved, and what they mean for the people who design them and work in them.

Designed with a Unique Point of View

Aesthetically pleasing is something we strive foróbut how we design products is even more important. We think not in terms of individual products, but of organic systems. Our products are informed by global knowledge and research, and because of this, we can create an integrated product offeringóproducts that work exceptionally well alone, but work even better together. The adaptability inherent in these workspaces also provides a more sustainable workspace for our clients.

Designed for Change

Our unique Chassis Design gives us the ability to grow and adapt. 60% of One Haworth Center is designated for individual offices; 40% for group areas and conference rooms, which can be changed to suit the needs of our employees.

Each level of One Haworth Center features different organic workspace configurations and products, designed to fit the work styles of our employees. These spaces are also demonstrations of how our customers can use our products to develop an office design that suits-and strengthens-their business and their corporate culture.

Individual workspaces are designed to offer employees control over their space, including airflow and how they orient themselves at their desks. And nearly all spaces have access to sunlight. We believe these elements foster a creative, healthy, and inspiring environment.

Because of the raised access floor, we can change spaces to enable people to work more productively. Group areas, such as conference rooms, can be modified to support different needs by moving walls and floor panels. Using a raised access floor also affords designers more freedom to execute their vision, to use multiple materials and finishes for the floors, and to create spaces that are both functionally outstanding and aesthetically pleasing.

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