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Workplaces must be designed with two things in mind:

  1. There isn’t one way to work. Different roles require specific functionality.
  2. Change is never complete. Workplace evolution continues. We must be ready to adapt and re-adapt.

To create designs that are informed by these two things requires research. So, for over a decade, Haworth has invested in experts from around the world, from ergonomists to environmental psychologists, to conduct research and gain insights about global workplaces and cultures. Our resulting knowledge has a powerful, positive impact on our customers' business performance, and enables us to create beautifully functional products.

The knowledge we gained from this research, and from talking with our own employees about their needs, helped drive the design of One Haworth Center. We anticipate that our organizational culture will evolve because of this building, and we’ll continue to learn and adapt.

The influence of our knowledge can be seen throughout One Haworth Center:

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